Can I get residence permits in Greece?

Investors who spend at least 250,000 € on property will get residence permits in Greece (to the members of your family as well).
Steps for the Golden Visa:
To apply for residency in Greece, you will have to submit a package of documents to the Directorate of Foreign Citizens and Immigration at the location of your property. After submitting all the documents, you will receive a submission receipt which enables you to stay in Greece until you get your residence permits. The documents take approx 1 to 2 months to be reviewed.
After getting the residence permit, you may extend it as many times as you wish provided that you still hold the property.
In case you want the permanent residence, you will need to stay in Greece at least for 183 days per year. On meeting all immigration requirements, you’ll be able to apply for permanent residence in 5 years and citizenship in 10 years.